What are the common causes of stress?

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Stress is defined as the way in which the body reacts to a threat or demand. Whenever you feel vulnerable, your nervous system often responds by releasing stress hormones, which include adrenaline and cortisol. These hormones stir your body in readiness for an emergency action. Stress that is within your comfort zone can help you stay energetic, alert, and focused. In case it is outside your comfort zone, it stops being helpful since it can damage your body and mind. The following are the major causes of stress, and ways of avoiding them.

Worst-Case-Scenario Thinking

Your anxiety may be caused by your tendency to focus on the negative outcomes that might result from your present situation. Stress management experts recommend that before formulating worst case scenarios in your mind, take time to ascertain whether the cause of anxiety is realistic or not. Ask yourself whether the stressor is something that is likely to bother you three months down the line. This will make you realize that you can easily handle the situation without any form of distress.


All human beings procrastinate for various reasons. However, many people put off doing things due to fear. Sometimes, we do this because we get overwhelmed and scared about what we should do. In the long run, it leads to frustration and anxiety. Being among the major causes of stress, procrastination can be tackled by handling activities sequentially rather than trying to handle them all at once. This enables you to attain a sense of achievement besides motivating you to tackle the rest.

Going over Stressful Situations

Many people have the habit of replaying stressful situations in their minds. This does not do you any good. Actually, it magnifies the stressful situations thus worsening the situation all the more. According to experts, it is impossible for your brain to differentiate between your thoughts and reality. This means that relieving a stressful situation that occurred in the past only produces a stressful response in your body.

Unrealistic Expectations and Change

There are people who expect things to be perfect at all times. This perception is a major cause anxiety since such individuals are likely to panic in case things don’t go their way. This is a perception that will ultimately get you stressed. You should understand that failure is part of life and therefore, shouldn’t bother you too much. Change is also a major cause of anxiety. Many people find it difficult to adjust to change, whether it is positive or not.

Human beings experience different stress levels because every individual has a different personality. This means that we all respond differently to situations that we are faced with every day. In as much as anxiety are part and parcel of human life, you shouldn’t let it drain away your mental and physical strength. Research shows that diseases such as high blood pressure, stroke, depression, and migraines are caused by stress. This highlights why you need to come up with the most pragmatic way of handling your distress. The aforementioned causes can similarly be internal or external.

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