What are the Keys to Happiness and managing stress?

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Chances are if you are reading this, you have had more than one experience that left you feeling empty or like you might have failed. You may have lost a job, lost your home, ended a marriage or a number of other things that made you ask the question, “why”?

So what did you do? Did you walk around feeling sorry for yourself, or did you find the underlying lesson that life was trying to teach you? One way to truly experience a life full of happiness comes from increasing your knowledge, learning and practicing the keys to happiness and embracing any lesson life is trying to teach you through experience.

The lessons of your life are constantly repeating until you finally learn to listen to them. If you have a hard time hearing the lesson that was meant for you, the universe will get your attention through experience. Learning this way can be painful; but there is always so much to be gained.

If you were to ask anyone what makes them feel happy - most would say having healthy and loving relationships. But, in order to have any healthy relationships and and effectively manage stress you must first be in place where you are no longer hanging on to the pains of the past.

There are five things you can do to find and keep healthy relationships in your life.

1) Force yourself to inspect all of the damage that was caused by your past experiences. No matter how much it hurts, there is always something to be learned. But, it is up to you to embrace the lesson, and use it to prevent future pain.

2) Do not get in the habit of having extreme thoughts when going through a painful experience. You cannot allow yourself to feel like this is the "worst thing that has ever happened" in your life. Every experience is an opportunity for growth, and everything happens for a reason.

3) Do your best to avoid the blame game. There are times in life when things "just happen". It does not mean it is a direct result of something someone did to you; or due to a choice you made. Getting entangled in the blame game will keep you anchored to the past.

4) Give yourself time to grieve. Everyone faces a hardship, experiences a loss or feels like they are stuck in a rut. Allow enough time to pass to ensure you have healed internally. There is nothing worse than keeping the pain bottled up, or just avoiding it all together. Grief is a natural part of life.

5) Treasure hunt internally by doing the following:

• Make a list of everything positive about yourself (from your point of view).

• Prioritize all of the things that have discouraged you (most painful first).

• Write down what you learned from each experience.

• Build a support team - the people you can trust to always be honest with you.

• Learn to actively love yourself.

Hopefully the five keys to happiness listed above will jump start your quest for ultimate happiness. Everyone deserves it; and you are no different. Be sure to make tomorrow better than today, not just for YOU but for someone else!

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